In this episode, Centerscore is holding an annual float competition but Linda is the only person willing to build a float. Eventually she convinces Kenji to help her build the float and another unfamiliar face named Alex also offers to help. Linda and Kenji then finish the float but later find that it is missing. A Wilson High student named Sarah then tells Linda and Kenji that Alex is really named Alexei and he is from Wilson High and he only offered to help so he could steal the float. Sarah is willing to help Linda and Kenji because she thinks it is the right thing to do.

A Float is Born
Season 1, Episode 2
Episode Guide
Making Some Dough
Assembling the Team

Main CharactersEdit

Linda- The person you are playing as.

Kenji- Auto-shop guy who helps Linda with the float.

Alexei- Wilson High bully who steals the float.


Step Question Choice
1 We could... Throw a huge dance!
2 What's better, a dinosaur or my face? Your face.
3 What's different? I'm different!
4 I'm going to... Get others to help.
5 Win outline minigame.
6 I was wondering if someone here could help me build... A giant mechanical lizard.
7 Why would I waste my time making some float? Think of school spirit!
8 Win car minigame.
9 Well... That's not what we had in mind.
10 Win painting minigame.
11 I'd love to check it out. It's finished.

Enjoy your bonus scene!

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