A Summer Fling
Season 0, Episode 2
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A Summer Fling is the first piece of episodic content released for the game. It concerns Mallika and her attempts to find a suitable person to have a summer fling with.


Meeting the right guy for a summer fling isn't easy, as Mallika is about to find out. Can you help her find a little romance before summer ends?


The episode starts as Phil is breaking up with Malika as their relationship mainly includes watching TV.

The episode then continues with a conversation between Malika and her best friend Nicole. Malika tells Nicole about Phil, but instead of letting Malika mope around, she makes her have a summer fling against Malika's better judgement.

Nicole then calls Malika to the skate park, and sets her up on a blind date with Skazz, but then he gets her lost in the woods after pizza and Spike has to rescue them as well as being very annoying.

Afterwards, Nicole sets Malika on another date, this time with Tom Prince, who all the girls have crushes on, though once again, Malika doesn't want to go at first as she's not yet over Phil.

Tom and Malika have a date on a beach retaurant where Spike works as a waiter. Malika realises that Tom Prince is a jerk as he bullies Spike, who has to keep being nice to keep his job.

After a short talk with Spike, Tom Prince acts jealous of Spike and acts incredibly rudely. Malika finally snaps and throws Tom Prince in the ocean! She and Spike kiss and Spike gets fired as a waiter and runs.


Main Characters

Mallika Desai- The main character of the episode. Ex-girlfriend of Phil, she is now looking for true love in a summer fling Nicole set up for her.

Nicole Blackwell- Best friend of Malika. Care's about her friend a lot, but can go a little overboard, setting Malika up on a date with the creepy Skazz from Wilson High and the obnoxious Tom Prince.

Spike Chapman- Becomes friendly with Malika, warning her about Skazz, helping them out of the forest and helping her with her Tom Prince problem.

Tom Prince- Second and final boy on Malika's summer fling (strangely, also the only character we see the surname of in this episode). Obnoxious and a bully, Malika throws him in the ocean after her bad date.

Other CharactersEdit

Phil Ramirez- Ex-boyfriend of Malika. Breaks up with her at beginning of episode.

Skazz van Tooten- First boy on Malika's summer fling, which cause a really bad date.

Bonus SceneEdit

Skazz is talking to Nicole, hoping that Malika wants to go on another date with him, which Nicole keeps denying. Tom Prince rings the bell and complains to Nicole about Malika and Tom and Skazz have a fight about Nicole, Malika and betrayal.