SHS episode
Admit Weekend
Season 7: Summer Showdowns, Episode 2
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Air date June 27, 2013
Written by SHS Team
Season 7: Summer Showdowns guide [v]
June 20, 2013 - August 22, 2013

1. Summer Beginnings
2. Admit Weekend
3. Sorority Showdown
4. Rehearsal Dinner
5. Wedding Smashers
6. College Stories
7. Game of Cones
8. A Clash of Queens

Season 6: The Talent Show
Season 1: Origins

Admit Weekend is the second episode of Season 7 of A New Start, Season 7: Summer Showdowns. It was released on June 27, 2013.


What will happen with Zoe and Howard?


At school, Kimi and Emily continue to have a hard time being separated. Today each group is tasked with creating a coat of arms with an animal, colors, and name. Once completed, they must defend their decisions. The nerds use wolf and name themselves the Wirewolves, and the cheerleaders use a lion and name themselves the Kitty Pride. The extra credit is awarded to the nerds. After class, Emily tries to hang out with Kimi, but Maria and the cheerleaders convince her to meet with them to discuss extra credit.

At Kingston, Sam and Zoe go on a campus tour. Zoe gets her dorm assignment, and it's terrible. Luckily she tidies it up and decorates. Missy takes the girls to check out the clubs and organizations. The wine and cheese club as well as an athletics club try to woo Sam, not knowing that she isn't a student there. Zoe runs into Angie (from Twin Branches / Centerscore High) at the student government stand. She solves a problem for Angie, and Angie says she should join. Zoe considers it. Zoe also runs into Lisa (from Football Star) at the improv club and does an improv routine with her. As Zoe's about to leave, she sees Howard, but she can't get near him. There are many girls around him, and some guys from the MAN fraternity stop her, telling her she can't go into their house. However, if she gets an invite to the LOL sorority party, she can see Howard there.

Missy comes to collect Zoe and informs her that she was in LOL and would like to introduce her. At their house, Zoe meets twins Ara, in charge of LOL's charity events, and Aria, in charge of LOL's fun events. She also meets the president of LOL and impresses all three. They tell her that they'd like her to come to the party with one other girl they liked. As Zoe's about to leave, the other girl enters the room. It's Jessica, Zoe's longtime enemy.

Bonus SceneEdit

Sam eats at a restaurant when representatives from the athletics club and wine and cheese club sit down to talk to her. They reveal that they'll give her gifts for listening. Sam decides to listen to them for an house, acquiring a cheese pillow, bread knife, cricket bat, and many other things before finally telling them that she's not a student at Kingston.



This episode summary is from GameFAQs by Peter Anargirou.

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