Basketball Woes
Season 4, Episode 4
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Basketball Woes is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Surviving High School. Jacob tries to bring the beasketball team back together after a frustration match against their biggest rivals: Wilson High.


Help Jacob bring his basketball team together!


Jacob's friends can't find a team play. Jacob knows that they will face there biggest rival Wilson High. However, Phil,Ryan,Erik, the new kid Spencer, and the other guys on the team get to face Wilson making Spencer get mad and angry. He comes to Jacob saying that don't have a coach so an old, retired Centerscore coach retired so they became the coach. After beating Spartan Jacob finds Skazz and Alexi beating up Brendan,Erik, and Spud. Jacob fights them and after he beats them uo, he runs to Ryan's car and drives to the Basketball court. He needs to gets the team back together and they pratice. So Hector and his friends crash it and Hector has given the Basketball players water or gets spent from school and The Wilson Bullies find out that there new player Andy has an eye packet because of Brendan so Spike comes with Jacob and the Basketball beat down their rivals willson so Play them Taylor and cheerleader cheer until Jessica ruin it and they shes helps Skazz and start kissing in the game. And the Fans where so scared later Madison was was Locker room gives Phil his phone number and Madison slaps Jacob because thought she was Hot the Team Follows Coach Craw to the Gym and start playing the game and  most of basketball shoot the score ws 83-83 and Jacob has big shot and they beat Wilson so they won 85-83 they won the rival game after the game its was Winter dance of Year and Ryan takes Nicole their and Jacob had Maria and the Basketball team hang outing for the Locker room so Jacob arch emerys The willson Builles run away from jacob Because he scared them They fight they  back so AFFTER that day Jacob and the Basketball team and the cheerleaders have a big party at Phil House doing his party Jacob find out the bullies at the Willson Gym crying.

Bonus SceneEdit

Coach Graw tells Jacob and the basketball team a basketball test and Run laps and The some of Basketball players start leaveing.


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