SHS character
Bryce Hartman
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Age 21-22
Ex-Girlfriend Heartbreak Taylor Vale, Nicole Blackwell
Friends Friends Spike Chapman, John Johnson, Chuck, Dontae Morris, James Yamat
First Football Star
Latest Battle of the Schools: Girl

Bryce Hartman is one of the original characters created in Surviving High School and was one of the guys on the football team. Bryce is currently in Centerscore University and a member of the M.A.N fraternity.


High SchoolEdit

Bryce first appeared as best friends with Adam and the backup quarterback of the football team at Centerscore High. New guy John then tries out for the football team and competes against Bryce for the spot of backup quarterback. John then takes Bryce's spot and Bryce becomes wide receiver. John and Bryce then become friends. As the rest of this year is not shown, it is unknown what happened to Bryce and did not appear throughout the next year either. 

In the Battle of the Schools: Girl, he attended Wilson High and ended up dating Nicole Blackwell . However, he managed to convince her to give him all of Centerscore's playbooks in order for them to win the competition even though they never ended up winning. Nicole's best friend Kelly overheard Nicole speak about it and found out, and Nicole told her to not tell anybody. There ended up being an assembly in which Hector and Scott demanded somebody to confess that they have stole the playbooks or give any information but Kelly and Nicole didn't say anything keeping it a mystery from everybody at Centerscore. Nicole most likely broke up even though she liked him enough to secretly date him.


Bryce then graduates to Centerscore University, however, and becomes room mates with John. Bryce and Adam are no longer best friends as Adam has quit the football team and now studies poetry. Chuck helps Bryce and John get in to the coolest frat on campus, the MAN frat and they both make it. John and Bryce have competed in all the MAN events since this and are official MAN members. A few months after Bryce has made it in to the MAN frat, Taylor does not have a date to the Queen of Hearts Dance and Sam sets Taylor and Bryce up on a date in order to make Taylor like her. When the date goes well, Sam tells Bryce to ask Taylor to the Queen of Hearts Dance which he does. When Taylor does not win the Queen Of Hearts, Taylor is infuriated and breaks up with Bryce because of this. Bryce has made guest appearances since this.


Bryce has a brown Caesar-styled haircut and eyes of the same color. He wears a white v-neck with black sleeves.


Bryce is a typical jock who likes to have fun. Bryce is a loyal member to his teams, such as the football team and the  MAN frat. Bryce's best friend used to be Adam, however when Adam quits the football team they don't talk anymore. Bryce's best friends are John, Spike, and also Chuck.