SHS character
Carson King
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
First This is Spartan
Final The Island Party

Carson King is a rich kid from Spartan Academy. Carson's most prominent storyline is his affiliation with Spartan Academy and specifically the Immortals.


Carson's first appearance is in This is Spartan. He, like the rest of his friends, are skeptical of Colt Warren authenticity as a Spartan student and constantly berate Colt for this. Carson is subsequently recruited by the Immortals society, whom he goes under the name 'Dionysus' in. 

Carson is of course annoyed by his newly transferred attendance to Twin Branches High, after Spartan Academy is shut down in 300's A Crowd. He and the other Spartan students introduce the Spartan Games to the students at Twin Branches and guarantee them of their future triumph. Chad, Lee and Carson all make it to the final five students in the game, but all lose to Sam Hill.

Following Twin Branches and Spartan Academy's declared unity among the rivaling students, Chad forms a club of eminent partiers at Twin Branches, known as the Bromigos, with Hector Alonzo and Scott Delveccio.



Hector AlonzoEdit

Hector and Carson first meet in 300's A Crowd. The two already get in an argument, as Hector was known as the partier at Twin Branches, whereas Carson was known as the title at Spartan Academy. Sometime after Season 10 of The New Girl, he, Hector and Scott combine their ideas to become one singular group of partiers, known as the Bromigos.



While initially seeming to have respected and admired Percy, Carson admits to Nick in Photo Op that he in fact disliked Percy to a great extent and was happy to have gotten rid of him.


Carson has the characteristics of the common rich kid stereotype: snobby and looks down at others for their wealth. Aside from this, at Spartan Academy, Carson was known for being holding some of the best parties among the students.


Carson has a Widow's Peak hairline, which pushes all of his brown hair back. He has green eyes and pale skin. He wears a blue polo, with the collar pushed out.


  • Carson's father invented the piggy bank.
  • Carson's code name among the Immortals was 'Dionysus' because, like Dionysus, Carson enjoys partying.