The following box contains characters that have appeared throughout the series.



Allison Applebee, Owen Harris, Paige Lenx, Erik Ericson, Kimi Chen, Spencer Cooper, Delilah Horner, Logan


Zoe Davis, Taylor Vale, Jessica Blaire, Paula Anderson, Amanda Applebee, Beth Morgan, Maria Gonzalez, Nicole Blackwell, Hector Alonzo, Keith Sanders, Jill Patterson, Sam Hill, Lindsay Vale, Sierra Seiler

Football Team

John Johnson, Howard DeGeest, Owen Harris, Adam Jay, Chuck McKenzie, Spencer Cooper ,Nate Crawford, Jacob Williams, Zach Wells, Phil Ramirez, Peter McKenzie


Brendan Berg, Erik Ericson, Spud Dudley, Angie Donovan, Kat McGee, Taylor Vale, Dexter Albright, Justin, Ashley Jackson, Kevin Delucca, Chris, Delilah Horner

Rebels/ Bullies

Spike Chapman, Colt Warren, Kenji Black, Ryan Powell, Megan Hopkins, Travis, Veronica Wadeye, Brinna, Adam Jay, Candace, Zach Wells


Nick Brown, Raven Fallon, Kim Johnson, Mallika Desai, Autumn Brooks, Wes, Dinah Nightingale, Denni Fallon


Andrew Grant, Lisa Greene, Hannah Holmes, Mona Stansfield, Jenna Stansfield, Elliana Concertina Brendan Berg, Kevin Delucca

Swim team

Emily Kessler, Sara Kessler, Linda Carter, Sam Hill,Cameron Clark, Hannah Holmes, Dominique Clark, Jane Summers, Lee Chen, Zach Wells, Amanda Applebee, Lindsay Vale

Basketball team

Jacob Williams, Spencer Cooper, Erik Ericson, Chris, Andy Cannelloni, Ben Kale, Phil Ramirez, Kenji Black


Coach Kessler, Ms. Lee, Mr. Dean, Alice Prez, Mr. Bernstein, Cecelia Prez

This category contains only characters that have attended Twin Branches/Centerscore High.

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