Year 2 is the 2'nd school year that the app included. This lasts from September 2009- June 2010. Besides the two summer episodes, this school year includes the first 40 episodes which are now labeled Classics Set. 5 specials and a mega-pack were also released during this school year. These episodes covered all of the diverse students at Centerscore High. The main characters include Dinah Nightingale, Hector Alonzo, Howard DeGeest, Linda Carter, Taylor Vale, Paula Anderson, Spike Chapman, Kim Johnson, Mallika Desai, Brendan Berg, Amanda Applebee, Phil Ramirez, Spud Dudley, and more. Go to the Timeline to see which students went to Centerscore this year, as well as titles, arrivals, depatures, and guests. Below is a list of all the episodes featured in this school year.

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