SHS character
Cecelia Prez
Ms. Prez
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Hazel
Occupation Former Teacher at Twin Branches High
Family Alice Prez (sister)
First A Float is Born

Ms. Prez is a former teacher from Twin Branches High. She was once the primary teacher, getting involved with many clubs, and even went on a trip to Europe with the school's Model UN Team.


Cecelia Prez is one of the English teachers at Twin Branches. She is not seen in the new novel, but is replaced by her sister, Alice Prez, who looks the same except has red hair. Emily Kessler confuses her as a student and asks if she'll sit by her, but Alice says she cannot, since she is the teacher. She mentions Cecelia, but does not give her current location.


As a teacher, Ms. Prez makes only few appearances, which only consist of her teaching the class. Thus, her personality is unclear.


Ms. Prez has blonde, chin-length hair with side bangs, including one strand, which covers some of her eye. She wears a blue shirt.

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