SHS episode
Cheer Off
Season 6: The Talent Show, Episode 2
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Air date May 2, 2013
Written by SHS Team
Season 6: The Talent Show guide [v]
April 25, 2013 - June 13, 2013

1. Ready, S.E.T., Go
2. Cheer Off
3. How to Date a Nerd
4. This Friday Night
5. The Newest Cheerleader
6. Talent Search
7. Talent Show
8. Graduation Stories

Season 5: Perfect Paige
Season 7: Summer Showdowns

Cheer Off is the second episode of Season 6. It was released on May 2, 2013. 


Who will be the next head cheerleader?


Zoe constant absences during cheer practice (due to her tasks as Social Chair and persistent help with Sam's S.E.T's) leaves the cheerleaders a negative impact, leading them to elect a new head cheerleader. Since everyone votes for themselves, this causes them to ask the previous head cheerleader for advice, Taylor Vale.

In chronological order, from the event taken place, the eligible contestants are Jill, Nicole, Keith and Maria. Each contestant will be head cheerleader for a day and hold an event. Taylor will observe each event, and will decide who is the most fit for the position as head cheerleader.

The first to be head cheerleader is Jill. Jill's cheer practice is simply sustained isometrics and aerobics, which leaves some cheerleaders unhappy. However, Jill continues with her tactic. Once Jill concurs to some of Maria's recommendations, the cheerleaders are finally happy.

Nicole's event she holds is a charity car wash, intended to help raise their popular ranking, through invitations to some gatherings. Things go by as how they were expected to be -- pleasant. That is, until Megan requests they clean her immensely filthy car, which some cheerleaders, specifically the girls aren't very enthusiastic about washing. But, by getting Hector and Keith to wash the car, thanks to Maria's advice, everyone is happy, including Megan.

The final event is held at Keith's house, who is tired of how girl-styled each sleepover has been. Keith promises that, as head cheerleader, everyone will get an equal amount of respect and starts the event with a video game. Maria notices that the girls are not having fun and so attempt to play a board game, which ends in arguments, as to who gets to be who. Having enough of the bickering, Maria demands everyone calms down and that the only thing that needs to be blamed here is their system for their problems. Taylor too says she has had enough of their bickering and concludes the end of the cheer elections, despite that Maria was never able to host her event.

Although Maria did not host her event, Taylor announces that Maria is the new head cheerleader. Throughout each event, Maria made suggestions and recommendations, which helped all three events. On Maria's first day as head cheerleader, she has them retry the failed cheer at the beginning of the episode, which is successful.

Bonus SceneEdit

Maria holds a gathering at the park, which consists one thing that each person would like. Nicole reminds Maria, that she must do something about Zoe's absence.


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