The cheerleaders were some of the most popular kids at school. Below is a list of the students that were once cheerleaders. Following the events of Pyramid Scheme, the cheerleading team was temporarily shut down by Paige and Kimi. Paige, with the head cheerleader at the time, Maria, soon after work to reconstruct the team.

Known CheerleadersEdit

Head Cheerleader InconsistencyEdit

In the episode, Date Auction from Season 13 of The New Girl, Zoe, the head cheerleader at the time, gives Maria the position quickly after becoming head cheerleader herself due to lack of assertiveness. However, in A New Start, Zoe is still the head cheerleader and then quits, due to her constant absence. Following a cheer off, the position is again given to Maria who most recently held the position.

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