SHS character
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Age 17-18
Brother Peter McKenzie
Friends Friends John Johnson, Howard DeGeest, Adam Jay, Phil Ramirez, Bryce Hartman, Dontae Morris
Ex-Relationships Heartbreak Taylor Vale, Porscha Collins, Paula Anderson
First Football Star
Final Battle of the Schools: Girl

 Chuck is a character in Football Star. He was big on the football team and was a star player.  

Duration: Football Season- Battle of The Schools


Chuck first appears when Howard and John practice football in Football Season.


Chuck is a nice guy with a huge passion for football. 


By now, Chuck should be in his early years in college. Prior to the College Holiday Bundle, Chuck was likely a junior or a senior in high school. He was seen in New Girl, so he could be a freshman by the time or got held back.

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