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SHS character
Colt Warren
Aliases Renegade (Officer Monte)
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Age 18-19
Grade College student
Family Tobias Warren (father)
Madeline Warren (sister)
Love Interest Heart Denni Fallon
Former Romantic Interests Heartbreak Sam Hill, Taylor Vale (one date)
Friends Friends Howard, Tom Prince, Erik Ericson, Ben Kale, Brendan Berg
Enemies Enemies Officer Monte, Jessica Blaire, Ben Kale (former)
First Love and War
Final Graduation Stories
Here's a life lesson for free... You don't always have to listen to what other people tell you. Except for me. You should always listen to me.

–Colt Warren to Erik Ericson, How to Fight Nerdy

Colt Warren is a former student at Twin Branches High School and current attendee at San Francisco Community College. Colt's most notable storylines is his relationships with Sam and Denni and his dislike to Ben Kale.

Colt is also the first character to ever make an appearance in Cause of Death, the counterpart game to Surviving High School, and is seen to be one of the bridges that link the two games together (the other being that Denni is the niece of Detective Mal Fallon.) He becomes the main protagonist in the first crossover made between the two games, which follow his journey of self-reflection behind the scenes of the on-going story in Surviving High School.

Duration:The New Girl Season 2- Season 6: The Talent Show

Current Information of Colt's is now on his C.O.D Page.


Colt meets Sam Hill at a Monarch Prep party where they bond. Colt and Sam eventually start dating and Sam sneaks out of Monarch Prep a lot to see Colt. When Sam sneaks out of Monarch Prep to see Colt one night, Colt does not turn up and Sam finds out that Colt stole Tom Prince's limo. Sam is then caught sneaking out of Monarch Prep and she is expelled.

Colt later transfers to Centerscore High after leaving Spartan Academy where Sam is. Sam tries to stay away from Colt as she wants to become a better student. Head cheerleader Taylor then asks Colt out and they go on a date. Sam is jealous because of this and she spies on the date. Colt then sees her and leaves the date with Sam. Colt and Sam then reconcile. Taylor is furious because of this and she manipulates Sam in to thinking that Colt is cheating on her making Sam have trust-issues with Colt. Sam then finds out that Colt is not cheating on her, however, and that the reason why he constantly left their dates and texted in the middle of them was to talk to his younger sister, Madeline.

During Dyre's reign as principal, new, strict rules are implemented, which manage to land Colt, Taylor, Brendan and Denni in detention, where they are locked in a classroom for about eight hours. Colt grows closer to Denni during the eight hours and they kiss. Denni feels extremely guilty about this and Sam overhears Denni confessing to Ben what she did. Sam is furious and breaks up with Colt. Learning that he had hurt both Denni and Sam, Colt transfers back to Spartan Academy, but ultimately returns to Twin Branches, following the demolition of Spartan Academy, with the help of Denni, who he had recently started dating. Denni then convinces Colt to run for president although Colt loses the vote.

Colt dislikes Ben as he is worried that Denni still has feelings for him. Denni, who is still friends with Ben, gets Colt to bond with Ben and the two steal a boat for the school's island party. The police then find out what Colt did and come to arrest him. Colt is worried that he would be sent to juvenile hall because of his previous crimes although he is shocked when Ben takes the blame to save Colt. Ben is then arrested instead. On Colt's Senior year, Colt wants to become a police officer when he graduates. On Colt and Denni's last day, Zoe is reading out the graduation speech although it is stolen. Colt attempts to find out who stole it to improve his detective skills and he discovers that Lindsay stole it. Colt and Denni then return the speech to Zoe.

Colt has since graduated from Twin Branches and has permanently moved to Surviving High School's' sister game, Cause of Death in San Francisco. Colt is currently taking classes at San Francisco Community College, where he is training to become a police officer.


Romantic InterestsEdit

Sam HillEdit

Sam was Colt's first love. The two met at one of Paige Lenx's parties and were instantly attracted to each other, upon realizing that neither were rich. They both parted ways, as Colt was sent to boot camp and Sam transferred to Twin Branches High. When Colt transferred to Twin Branches, Sam warned him to stay away from her, as she wanted to start over as a good student. But when Sam saw Colt on a date with Taylor Vale, the purpose of the date being to make Sam jealous, the two reconciled.

Their relationship was going well, until Colt accidentally kissed Denni Fallon. Sam overheard from Denni, who was telling Ben and was too furious to hear Colt's explanation. They reconciled yet again at prom, but Sam ultimately ended the relationship noticing that Colt was attracted to Denni much more. In Girls Night In, Sam and Colt run into each other at the Skyway Racetrack. Colt attempts to talk to her, but Sam pushes him away, stating he is not good for her. Colt starts believing this in Camping Trip Visions.

Taylor ValeEdit

Colt and Taylor go on a date, however Colt expresses no feelings for her, as he only wanted to make Sam jealous.

Denni FallonEdit

Denni is Colt's long-term girlfriend. The two met in Trapped in the Classroom and share a passionate kiss in the episode, but do not begin a relationship with Denni, until A Spartan Love Story, as up until then, Colt believed he was no good for Denni, The two have been in a relationship since and have even graduated to Surviving High School's sister game, Cause of Death, where they share an apartment together.


Nothing much is known about Colt and Madeline's mother as of yet, other than the fact that she is consumed with her job and like her husband, is equally not around as much as she should to take care of her children.

He also appears to have an uncle named Bo, only thing known about him is that he used to introduce himself to people by headbutting them.

Tobias WarrenEdit

Colt is the only son of Tobias Warren, a former employee of Prince Automotive. As a child, the two seemed to be much closer, as Tobias had even promised Colt that they would annually go on a camping trip, but grew farther and farther as Colt aged. Colt is increasingly bitter of his father for his negligence as a parent, and has not seen him as a competent and stable enough person to take care of him for most of his childhood.

Madeline WarrenEdit

Colt also has a little sister called Madeline - to which he affectionately calls "Maddie". Tobias' negligence as a father once led him to abandoning Maddie alone in an alley late at night, leaving Colt to go rescue her, using Tom Prince's limo, resulting in his sentence to boot camp. Since his release from boot camp, Colt has nurtures Madeline as both a brother and a father figure to make up for the failures of their dad's parenting. Madeline is heavily dependent on Colt, and he vows to take care of her in any way he possibly can.


Ben KaleEdit

Ben and Colt at first dislike each other, as they were both attracted to Denni. Colt believed Ben always tried too hard, hence giving him the nickname 'Tweed'. Even after Denni and Ben's break up and Ben's entrance to a relationship with Jessica Blaire, Colt still did not like Ben. He did not start liking Ben, until Ben helped Colt rescue Denni in Real Life Hero, during the earthquake.


The newest bad boy at Centerscore, Colt's always playing an angle. When he isn't racing his motorcycle or getting into fights, he's scheming for his next big score. Colt and Sam were together once, but one night, it all fell apart...
Colt is renowned for his rebellious attitude and carefree lifestyle. He has often been seen getting into fights and in trouble with local police, making irresponsible deals with college students and thieving (at some point he stole Tom Prince's limo and crashed it.) This has given him the reputation of being Centerscore's well known bad boy troublemaker.

Despite this, Colt appears to have an underlying sensitive side and is also highly intelligent, but his slacker attitude towards school has not earned him recognition of his knowledge. Although his irresponsibility is better known, Colt has also exhibited the qualities of being the opposite. Instances include how he deeply cares for his younger sister, Madeline and frequently checks up with her.


Arielle213Added by Arielle213

Similar to Hector Alonzo's, Colt has a brown, push-back hairstyle and eyes of the same color. He has one eyebrow piercings on his left eyebrow and three ear piercings on his left ear. He wears a black tank top, but in the iPad HD version, his shirt is gray.


On Colt's first year at Centerscore high, he told Denni, Brendan and Taylor that he had already done his Freshman year. Colt was a Sophomore at this point as 2 years later, he graduated.


Stand up or lose everything you love doing.

–Colt to Zoe Davis, The Endorsement


  • In Football Star, Colt's look may be selected instead of John Johnson's default appearance.
  • Colt is also a gambler and is adept at playing poker; this is very much evident in 'Long Distance Relation-trip' where he adopts the name 'Domingo Florentine' as his fake ID into Centerscore U for a poker game.
  • The term 'Colt' is used to describe a young, male horse, while 'Warren' is the name given for an animal husbandry dedicated to the raising of rabbits. The origin of Colt's name may have inspired his secretive love of cute animals. His spirit animal is also that of a little kitten.
  • In Officer Monte's Ridealong, Colt, Howard and Erik were given the privilege of being cop-for-a-day. All three impress Officer Monte and were given badges signifying them as 'Junior Detectives'. Along with the title, they were all given nicknames. Colt's nickname is 'Renegade'.
  • He is frivolous in the sense that he will not hesitate to give people nicknames out of casual mockery, sarcasm, affection, or blatant disdain. Examples of affectionate nicknames he has given out are 'Sammy' to his ex-girlfriend Sam and "Princess" and "Tiny Hipster" to mark the outwardly flamboyant appearance of Denni. In comparison, negative nicknames he has given out are "Silver Spoon" for Tom Prince, to poke at his aristocratic upbringing and most recently "Tweed" — given to Ben for his rich and nerdy background and of rivalry for Denni's affection.
  • Colt is also musically talented. Having displayed an ability to sing and play the guitar in an episode where he assisted a traveling mariachi band.
  • It is noted at least twice between several seasons that he pockets a lighter and uses it in a few scenarios (such as in 'Trapped in a Classroom' to illuminate the dark room, and in 'Clash of the Immortals' to wash away an overwhelming amount of horse manure.) Despite carrying a lighter, he doesn't actually use it to light cigarettes, or smoke them. Why he carries it is something that isn't known yet.
  • He formerly enrolled in Spartan Academy, but due to the school being discredited for its corruption, he eventually finds himself back at Centerscore soon after the climatic events of Season 9.
  • It is strongly implied that he has a habit of sleep-talking. If the player picks a wrong choice in A Spartan Love Story, Part 2, it will also be revealed that Colt whispers Denni's name frequently in his sleep.
  • He and his girlfriend Denni have permanently 'moved' to Surviving High School's sister game, Cause Of Death, after they graduated. Now Colt is on his first year in college and he is navy base in Far North
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