SHS character
Dexter Albright
Aliases Dex
Captain Thesaurus (Taylor Vale)
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Age 18-19
Grade Senior
Friends Friends Spud Dudley, Brendan Berg, Erik Ericson, Ashley Jackson, Kat McGee, Angie Donovan, Ben Kale, Taylor Vale
Enemies Enemies Ryan Powell, Travis, Nicole Blackwell
First Spud The Stud
Latest Spencer Betrayed

Dexter "Dex" Edison Albright is one of the nerds at Centerscore High. He is an easy target for bullying. Dexter appeared as a background character throughout his time at high school.


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Dexter first appeared in Season 1 A New Start. There, Zoe was preparing a party to beat Paige . Zoe invited the Nerds.


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Dexter was a senior in Year 5, but has appeared in Year 6, so he most likely is 18-19, and was held back for unknown reasons.

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