SHS character
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Ms. Lee
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Occupation Principal
First Football Season
Latest Prom
It's like your lips just keep moving and I keep not caring!

–Ms. Lee

Dolores Lee (commonly referred to as Ms. Lee) is Twin Branches High's inappropriate counselor. She is seen mostly whenever a kid gets in trouble and her most notable storyline is being in charge of the Troublemakers program. 


We first see her in Football Season, she reveals to John that she saw him getting beaten up by Adam but made no effort to stop him, telling him its her job not to solve all his problems for him. Ms Lee claims to be related to Genghis Khan and one of her previous boyfriends has a restraining order against her.

She gives out terrible love advice, like to Linda when she was stuck between Howard and Kenji, "choose Kenji because guys with motorcycles are more dependable." She has had many ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands.

Ms. Lee is seen much more in the first season of the second reboot: Troublemakers. The reboot follows how Allison, Kimi, Paige, Owen, Spencer, and Erik get into the Troublemakers program. She is shown in each episode during a flashback on how they ended up in the program and while telling the kids their daily punishment. Spencer seems to be her favorite out of the group, showing dismay when he is taken to the hospital following an accident at the Harvest Festival, but cares about the children and school as a whole as reflected by her pride in the Troublemakers when they prove themselves innocent against the superintendent. The program was then changed to a daily detention that the kids turned into a time to do whatever they wanted rather then the community service program.

In Christmas Stories, Ms. Lee gave the kids cookies to eat right before the holiday break. However after the break she announced the unfortunate announcement that she would no longer be there and would be replaced by a much stricter figure. The reason is most likely due to her strained relationship with the superintendent (Mr. Rivera) but the official reason is not known for sure as of now. Ms. Lee's suspicions prove to be correct when Mr. Hart's true intentions and ways are shown starting with his over-the-top surveillance system.

Ms. Lee returns to the series in Season 4, as the new principal of Twin Branches. Additionally, her nephew, Logan, joins the Troublemakers program.


I've been crushing dreams since 2005!

–Ms. Lee to Emily when she first arrives to Centerscore High in the Homecoming Queen mega-pack