Ms. Elizabeth Rose
Gender Female
Age 80
Friends and Family
Ms Rose-centric episodes Making Some Dough, Lost Recipe, Secret Ingredient
Behind the Scenes
Elizabeth Rose, 1944
The only thing sweeter than Ms. Rose are the delicious snacks she sells at her bakery.
Elizabeth Rose was the owner of the Centerscore Bakery, but passed away at the end of Secret Ingredient, leaving the bakery to her employee Kim.



Kim JohnsonEdit

Kim and Ms Rose were very close. Kim even referred to Ms Rose as her best friend. When the bakery was threatened in Making Some Dough, Kim earned the $200 needed to save it, and enlisted Andy to help make sure it was never threatened again. Kim is shown working at the bakery throughout the semester. When Ms Rose collapses in Lost Recipe, Kim rushes her to hospital and takes care of her afterwards. She also helps to reunite Ms Rose with her long lost friend Mary Mann before Ms Rose’s death.

Mary & WalterEdit

Mary and Ms Rose worked together in the bakery in 1944. They were best friends, but unbeknownst to Mary, they were also rivals in love. Mary had a crush on a boy called Walter, who used to come in the bakery and talk to her, but Walter was interested in her friend, feelings that Ms Rose returned. Walter and Elizabeth began a secret relationship, but this relationship was revealed when he came rushing into the bakery to tell Elizabeth that he was being sent to fight in World War II. Realising that there was something going on between the two, Mary was furious with Elizabeth, and life in the bakery became very difficult, with each girl convinced Walter would wish to be with them when he returned from the war. Unfortunately, Walter never did return from the war. He was killed in action in 1945. Mary left the bakery, and went on to marry a man called Winston, whilst Ms Rose never married. She and Mary did not speak again until Kim managed to reunite them some sixty years later, shortly before Ms Rose’s death.

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