SHS character
Elliana Silva
Gender Female
Hair Blue
Brown (formerly)
Eyes Black
Age 19-20
Occupation College Student
Relationships Heartbreak Howard DeGeest
First Football Season
Latest Howard's Holidays

Elliana is first seen in Football Season with Lisa, handing out flyers for 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', which was their school play. Not much is known about her, except that she dated Howard in Football Season, but shortly after left Centerscore to go to Brazil, and that she was a Brazilian exchange student.

By the time Howard is dating Zoe, she came back and is now a cheerleader at Wilson High.


Elliana is a very beautiful girl. She is very popular in Wilson High. She has a strong personality too. She knows a lot of moves, which is what makes her even more popular.


Elliana had a brown hair but when she came to Centerscore High, she dyed her hair royal blue. She has brown eyes and heavy purple lips and tanned skin color. She is similar in appearance to Veronica Wadeye, however Veronica has blonde hair.


Elliana was most recently attending Centerscore University. She moved to Centerscore from Brazil, but this time permenantly.