Flex Games
Season 1, Episode 19
Episode Guide
Homecoming Queen
Party Fowl
 Help Centerscore High's resident skater Spike win the Flex Games!


The episode began with Spike and his family in the car on their way to the Flex Games. Spike was determined to win the games! The money that he could win would help his family a lot with their money problems. Spike's younger brother Chip recommended for him to do a crazy stunt but his mom disagreed since it may be dangerous but Spike ended up agreeing with his brother. When he arrived, he found Mallika there to cheer him on! Mallika told him that the judges will reconize his talent. When getting ready Shazz was being rude and overly competitive and even had Tom Prince as his sponsor. Spike ignored him and did succesfully in the first part of the game. Meanwhile, Mallika was determined to film Tom talking with his father knowing that they were up to trouble. Mallika caught a perfect film of Sillas discussing with his son that they would cheat in order for Shazz to win by sabotaging the board the games gave for Spike to use. When Mallika gasped the Prince's heard her and followed her out of their trailer making her hand the tape. Mallika later succesfully won the chance to interview a sponser but the sponsor ended up being Tom! Although she hated him, she wanted to find out information about him and humored him. Mallika then got him to admit that Tom had a crush on her. She was the only girl who ever rejected him so that made him like her that much more. Mallika was creeped out and told Spike about it as well as warned him about his skateboard. Spike then decided to instead use his lucky board. With this, Spike succesfully won the Flex Games over Shazz! After the games he was ready to date again and him and Mallika started going out! Spike's family was thrilled to recieve the money and for Spike to pull of his impressive win!


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