Getting Over Howard
Season 0, Episode 2
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The Storm, Part 2
Season 1

The Storm, Part 2 is a Surviving High School special. This is the last material released before the game's first reboot.


Sometimes, the storm comes before the calm…


Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.

Taylor and the nerds are at Brendan's house, where the nerds, specifically Brendan, get in a fight with Taylor for not participating during their game. At the moment where Taylor is about to leave, the power goes out and she decides to stay. She Called Zoe about the Summer dance before the power went off and tells her about the summer dance and her taking Brendan.

The game then switches to Zoe, who is shopping with Sam, who is "babying" Zoe  and Sam go to the Mall and see Nate was crashing a car in Centerscore U Sees His dad limo drives to the Mall Zoe and Sam gets scared that that a Limo Nate sees Zoe and Sam so say take to Summer dance after that with the raining going and Nate crashing a car in other highway in Centerscore got send to Boot camp for couple weeks so Zoe and Sam get into their car and Sam mom and Zoe aunt has went to Power ball game in Twin Branches after calling Taylor she at Brendan house about to Leave until the power when off and Taylor phone goes off gets Shutdown So Sam calling Denni about Colt and how doing trying go to the Summer dance and Denni hang ups and Zoe and Sam we watching TV Sam she babying her Again the the Power goes off because of the cable was Shutdown.they switching into Emily Kessler at her House down south in Twin Branches

Emily's friend Kimi is over her house, and they are talking about how to prepare for the next school year, as next year will be their first year in high school. Emily's father, Coach Kessler then comes into the room, and demands for an answer on where Sara is. Everyone in Centerscore simultaneously get the same message about the car accident involving Nick and Sara from the Dirty Dish, as well as her death.


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