SHS character
Grandma Betty
Gender Female
Hair Gray
Family Owen Harris (grandson), Harold (husband; deceased)
Enemies Enemies Sal, Big Jon, Dom
First Season 1
Final Prom
I remember when I was your boys' age, I was the queen of the jitterbug!

–Grandma Betty

Grandma Betty is an elderly female character in Surviving High School residing in Centerscore. Introduced in A New Start, Grandma Betty is revealed to have taken in and become the legal guardian of her grandson, Owen Harris, after a tragic incident back home. She is well liked by other characters who find her comforting, kind, and understanding.

Prior to the Game

Not much has been released about Grandma Betty's history as an adult but it can be inferred that as a teenager in high school she was well liked and popular among the student body due to her position as Social Chair. She has also mentioned to Owen that she once set up a kissing fair in the Pauper's Graveyard in order to raise money for the war effort, implying that she was very much involved in charity and volunteer work. She also seems to be well connected within the city as she's made comments about watching some of the adults grow up.


Grandma Betty shows concern for Owen's life at school throughout season one as he rejoins the football team and develops feelings for his new friend, Zoe Davis. She approves of Zoe but does not like him playing football as it was the main reason for Owen's desire to move in with her. She supports her grandsons decision, however, and is seen attending the homecoming game in the season finale.

Her most prominent episode was the Getaway when her safety was threatened by the 12th Street Kids, a group of thieves and troublemakers Owen used to hang out with prior to moving in with her. When Owen agrees to being the getaway driver in one of their crimes in order to protect her, Grandma Betty calls upon Paige Lenx to use the directions she overheard at the dinner table to go find and help him. Because she was able to alert Paige in time, Paige was able to rescue Owen from getting caught by the cops when he is trapped within the warehouse. When her grandson and Paige arrive back home, Grandma Betty is able to talk Officer Monte out of arresting him for being involved in the car chase and for being an unwilling accomplice. Eavesdropping on Paige and Owen's argument shortly afterward, Grandma Betty reveals to Owen that Paige is in love with him and demands that he run after her. Her final appearance was when she was sitting with her neighbor, while cheering him on at his wrestling match,


Grandma Betty has gray hair combed back with a white shirt. She looks like Aunt Bertha from Football Star as well as Ms. Rose.


  • Betty had a husband who has passed away years ago.


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