SHS character
Hannah Holmes
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Age 19-20
Grade Senior
Ex-Boyfriends Heartbreak Brendan Berg
Zach Wells
Cameron Clark (crush)
Friends Friends Jenna Stansfield, Sam Hill, Linda Carter, Emily Kessler, Jane Summers, Ashley Jackson, Sara Kessler, Cameron Clark, Brendan Berg
First Football Season
Latest Kimi Strikes Back

Hannah Holmes is an original character who is a member of the drama club and the swim team. She enjoys to gossip and is self-centered at times. Her most notable storylines are her relationships and her meaness to Emily.

Duration: Classics: Season 1- Season 4: Troublemakers


During Hannah's freshman year, Brendan had a crush on her, although Hannah knowing this only used him to do what she told him to. When Hector helped Brendan realized this, Brendan stood up for himself and refused to help anymore. When Principal Dyre took over the school, he recruited Hannah to be a part of 'C.R.E.E.P' which meant she had a lot of power over the school. The drama team turned against Hannah because of this so she quit the drama team and joined the swim team. She later re-joined, however. Hannah appeared as a recurring character throughout the next few seasons. Hannah started dating football player Zach Wells and still dating today although Hannah had a crush on Jane's boyfriend, Cameron. When Hannah and Jane thought that Cameron liked Emily Kessler, Hannah and Jane were mean to Emily and ended up getting her stuck on a cliff and leaving her there. Hannah and Jane then feel guilty, however, and admitted to what they did, and the two later became friends with Emily.


Romantic InterestsEdit

Brendan BergEdit

Hannah and Brendan start dating, as a result of hearing that Brendan likes her. Hannah simply dates him, as she knows she can use him for what she wants. Hector eventually helps Brendan realize this and Brendan breaks up with Hannah.

Zach WellsEdit

Zach and Hannah started dating in Swim Team Trip, but broke up some time in between Surviving High School: The Novel and Swim Retreat, Part 1.

Cameron ClarkEdit

Hannah has a crush on Cameron in Swim Retreat, Part 1.


Hannah has brown hair in a bob that covers one of her brown eyes. She has pale skin. She wears a purple scarf over her purple shoulder top.


Hannah is a great actress and a great swimmer. Hannah is often shown as being self-centered. She normally hangs out with the popular crowd. She loves to gossip, and at times can be mean. For one thing, she used Brendan who had a crush on her to just to get what she wanted, and left Emily stuck on a cliff when she was jealous of her for communicating with Cameron at one point.

Hannah, like Nicole Blackwell, is slightly boy-crazy, and prefers rebels and 'bikers', as seen in Girls Night In. Her and Jane often get in arguments, since Jane is a critical feminist and rejects many stereotypes, while Hannah can be found expressing them.


In season 5, Hannah told Sam that she was in high school when Taylor was a Freshman meaning that Hannah has been attending Centerscore High just as long as Taylor. This means that Hannah is on her sixth year in high school and it is unknown why. She is 19-20 year old and is currently a senior.

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