Hawk on!

–Hawk Gunner's catch phrase

Hawk Gunner is a stuck-up snowboarder who likes to hit on a lot of girls. He has appeared in "School Ski Trip" and "What Happened To Colt, Part One".

He also appears in Episode 5 of Season 12.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Being an iconic celebrity, Hawk is known for his ladie's man attitude and good looks, which gets girls hooked. However, males tend to look down on him for his sleazeball attitude. More often than not, Hawk is humiliated by his own karmic misfortune. As such, he is ridiculed in various ways, including fleeing when Howard and Colt are trapped under an avalance, and when Colt and Tom hack his broadcast to show an embarrasing home video featuring an uncoordinated thirteen-year-old Hawk.

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