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High School Story is a video game written by the Surviving High School staff and was developed and published by Pixelberry Studios in 2013. High School Story is available on iPhone and iPod formats and can be purchased through the App Store. It serves as a sister story to SHS where recognizable characters from the former have graduated to upon it's release. Promotional images of the game and cliques were released on the Surviving High School Facebook page a week before it's release as well as small sneakpeaks at the game at the end of SHS episodes. The game currently has over 100,000 players to date.

High School Story is a game following your own customizable teenager who has recently opened a new high school in hopes of offering the best school experience to any new student transfer. Players can choose characters to go on dates, throw parties, complete missions, play pranks, and watch as friendships develop. It follows the same style of the continous storyline on Surviving High School, as the more you progress, the further the story advances.

Connections to Surviving High SchoolEdit


Autumn Brooks in High School Story. Updated HD look!

  • Autumn, an artist at Twin Branches who transferred out after an incident with Lindsay Vale, is permanently moved over to this game as a main character with a new look. She makes references to her friends at Twin Branches.
  • Wes has moved over to the game following an expulsion to be with Autumn. His look and design has also been upgraded.
  • Owen and Kimi make appearances in the Just Dance-A-Thon mission and the following quest where they compete against Autumn's school. After Kimi and Autumn's friend, Julian, are locked away in an attempt to be sabotaged, Autumn and Owen step in and win the contest. Owen and Kimi invite Autumn and her friends to a luxurious lakehouse where they get to know each other and sleep outside under the stars.
  • Ben and Emily's relationship is mentioned by Kimi when she makes her visit with Owen.
  • Koh, a rebel student known for being kicked out of multiple schools, is mentioned to have attended Twin Branches at one point.
  • The Twin Branches student body, apart from Owen and Kimi, are said to have gotten food poisoning through bad cafeteria food. This becomes the reason no one shows for Kimi's sixteenth birthday party.
  • Ezra, a musician met by the player, bears a surprisingly strong resemblance to Logan.

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