SHS episode
High Spirits
Season 1: A New Start, Episode 2
Air date September 5, 2012
Written by SHS Team
Season 1: A New Start guide [v]
September 5, 2012

1. The First Day
2. High Spirits
3. Making a Name
4. The Dinner and the Party
5. The Big Game

Season 2: Howard's Return

High Spirits is the second episode of the first season of the A New Start era following the September 2012 reboot. The episode was released on September 5, 2012, along with all other episodes in the season.


While Sam Hill, Zoe's cousin, assists Zoe in making campaign posters, Nate yet again violently approaches Owen. Nate purposefully instigates a fight near a teacher, so that Owen would get detention -- which he does. Noticing Zoe struggle to put up her banners, Nate helps her and tries to persuade her to drop out of the election, which only gives Zoe an idea: she decides to throw a party to compete with Paige's.

Zoe leaves to the swimming pool, where she finds Ben with Emily. Aware of his "legendary" parties, she asks his help for throwing the party on Thursday, which, while they typically do not occur, as they are on school nights, would impress more people if the party ends up being successful.

Owen accompanies Zoe in support for inviting cliques to the party: the Drama Club girls, Jenna and Hannah, initially decline to going, as they must rehearse for a play, but are convinced when Owen informs them that the party could be used as character analysis'; they talk to Brendan and Dex of the Nerds clique, who decide to go, upon learning that there would be video games; they lastly speak to journalist Nick and Autumn. Nick is reluctant of going, as he has an article to write, but Autumn wants to practice her DJing skills. Owen persuades Nick to go, by explaining that he can use the party as a topic for his article.

Following her angry confrontation with Paige about Zoe's party, Zoe meets with the cheerleaders, who still want her to drop out of the election. Subsequently, the football players start arguing about being with one less player, which results in becoming physical. Zoe is nearly hurt in the process of trying to break up the fight, but Owen comes to her defense and tackles Spencer. Realizing that he would be great for the team, they ask Owen to play, but he only runs away. Zoe chases him and talks with him about the Social Chair position. She explains that she loves the school and wants to help it, whereas Paige wants the position for her own benefit. Owen decides to join the team for her.

Wes tells Nate about Owen's decision to join the football team, upsetting Nate. However, Wes has more information on Owen, which he is willing to give to Nate if he pays, which Nate does. Wes hands him the Ogden High yearbook, which Owen is not in. This means that Owen is lying about what school he came from. Though, Wes is unsure of why he is lying about where he is from.

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