SHS character
Gender Female
Hair Brunette with streaks of red
Eyes Brown
Age 14-15
Grade Freshmen
Romantic Interests Heart Peter McKenzie, Matteo Lombardi (selective love interests)
Family Michael ( paternal or maternal cousin)
Friends Friends Nicole Blackwell, Jill Patterson, Zoe Davis, Amanda Applebee, Emily Kessler, Kimi Chen, Darren Clark, Taylor Vale, Megan Hopkins
Enemies Enemies Wilson High
First Battle of the Schools: Guy
Final Battle of the Schools: Girl

Kelly is the main characters to be played in the Battle of the Schools: Girl mega-pack. She enters Centerscore High and is faced with the many decisions involving popularity, friends, grades, soccer, and relationship as the battle of the schools is going on.


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Kelly is shown to be a lot as her cousin Michael as caring as she helps other people with the battle of schools,athletic as she is on the soccer team


Kelly's appearance can be customized. The player has a choice between the looks of Tina, Madisenn, Quinn, Emily, and her default look. She is a freshmen so she must be 14-15 years old.


She is shown to be similar to Zoe Davis as she chooses her own fate

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