SHS character
Kenji Black
Gender Male
Race Asian
Hair Black
Eyes Gray
Age 19-20
Grade Sophomore in College
Ex-Girlfriends Heartbreak Linda Carter, Emily
Friends Friends Mallika, Spike, Linda, Megan
Enemies Enemies Alexei, Howard DeGeest
Family Megan Hopkins (cousin)
First A Float is Born
Latest The Break Up

Kenji Black is a graduate from Twin Branches and current captain of the Centerscore University basketball team. Kenji's most notable storyline is his relationship with Linda Carter.


Romantic InterestsEdit

Linda CarterEdit

Kenji meets Linda when she approaches him for help with the Great Float Caper, which he agrees to, albeit reluctantly at first. After they begin to build the float together, however, he develops feelings for Linda, which she seems to return to a certain extent. We are told that she and Kenji begin to hang out off screen quite a lot, and they stay close right up to Best Party Ever, even arriving at Hector’s together, but after Howard asked Linda out and she said yes, Kenji leaves, looking unhappy. It has been implied that he won’t give her up without a fight. Linda later dumps Howard, and gets in a relationship with Kenji. In The New Girl, it is revealed that Linda and Kenji go to a gelato place, where Linda and Howard used to go. In Green with Kenji, it is also revealed that Linda softened him, enough to rather watch an animal show with her than hang out with friends. They break up though, Kenji still was in love with Linda so he became a basketball player. Kenji is noted to be slowly getting over her.


Megan HopkinsEdit

Megan and Kenji are cousins. Megan and Kenji don’t always seem to get along, and he hasn’t been the most reliable friend to her, but during the Great Float Caper, they have a conversation in which they manage to straighten out some of their issues. It seems like there will always be an antagonistic element to their relationship, but they stick together as family should.


He claims he cares about cars more than people, but there are plenty of girls at Centerscore High who would love to make him change his mind.

–Kenji during Year 2

Kenji is a rebel who, like his peers, roams around the autoshop and has a bad boy image—the baddest student at school (until Colt Warren comes). However, contrary to this reputation, Kenji is also a sweet guy, having fought for Linda Carter's affection. Even after his break up with her, Kenji still made romantic gestures in attempt to steal her back, such as joining the basketball team (which also proves he is athletic). Kenji is also an avid fan of automobiles and martial arts.


Kenji is part Japanese and has some of the characteristics of one, e.g. his eyes and skin color. He has black, chin-length hair that is parted in two sides and a tiny goatee. He has gray, somewhat squinted, eyes. Kenji wears a white tank top.


Kenji graduates at the end of Year 4 and therefore has been in college for two year, meaning he is 19-20 years old.