The L.O.L. Sorority is an organization limited to only the most popular girls at Kingston University. They are rivals with the O.M.G Sorority who throws dirt at their reputation and plays pranks on them. The sorority was first mentioned in Admit WeekendQuinn is currently the president. Aria and Ava are with the L.O.L. Sorority and are twins. Aria does campus events, whereas Ava does charity work.

Qualities of L.O.LEdit

According to Quinn, L.O.L. girls are nice, cheerful, helpful, and friendly. L.O.L stands for Lambda Omega Lambdas. Also, in their cheer L is for likable. O is for outgoing and L is for loud considering the large parties they throw.

L.O.L CheerEdit

Lambda Omega Lambdas are the best
L.O.L girls tower over the rest
L is for likable, O is for outgoing
L is for loud, like the parties we're throwing
One thing is true, it totes totes must be...
L.O.L is the best sorority!


All the members are not known but the ones revealed are listed below:

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