SHS character
Lily in How to Date a Nerd
Lily Chen
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Age 10-14
Family Kimi Chen, Mrs. Chen, Daniel Chen, Mr. Chen
First How to Date a Nerd
Latest The Fashionista

Lily Chen is the daughter of Mrs. Chen and the younger sister to Kimi Chen. Kimi's sister makes her debut appearance in the series in How to Date a Nerd and in the novel How To Be a Star. She seems to be the favored child in the family due to her gift in piano, a talent she has been practicing for over six years. Her most recent appearance has been in The Fashionista when she and her mom attended the Twin Branches fashion show.


Lily is first seen in How to Date a Nerd. Kimi remembers that Lily has a piano recital that same day. Her mom shows that she is prideful of Lily and Kimi's older brother, but is not of Kimi, much to Kimi's dismay. Kimi lies about not being able to go to the recital, claiming she has computer class.

Lily's next appearance is in The Fashionista. At the back to school fashion show that was held before school, Kimi announced to Mrs. Chen and Lily that her designs on the models would be coming out first.


Lily is shown throughout the game wearing a red shirt with a white collar. Sharing her mother and sisters black hair, Lily also wears a red hairclip.



Kimi ChenEdit

She and Kimi have a healthy, supportive sibling relationship where Lily often encourages Kimi's passion for fashion and designing clothes.


  • Once spread a rumor about a boy that he had lice when she overheard him making fun of Kimi's music video
  • Lily's appearance is familiarly used as Loretta Lune's appearance in Magic Book.

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