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The Classics is comprised of 41 episodes (in two seasons) based on characters from Football Season and more. The Classics is the first reboot of the game, which follows a storyline, where the player must choose a specific option that would not alter the storyline in an incorrect way; doing so would alert the player that their choice was incorrect and, depending on how many incorrect choices chosen could result in an ending for failing the episode.

Each episode is self-contained, dealing with different students per episode, as opposed to the later seasons of The New Girl and on, where a self-contained episode would most likely be foreshadowing an event.

Set 1

# Title Description Date Released
1 Making Some Dough Ms Rose's bakery is in danger after a mobster comes in and demands 200 dollars to keep the bakery standing. Help Kim find the money and save the bakery.
2 A Float Is Born There is the town parade coming up which holds a float contest, and there's a $10 000 reward this year. Linda is the only person who cares about school spirit in Centerscore. Help her convince the other students that building a float is worthwhile!
3 Assembling the Team Linda's float has been stolen by Wilson! Help her and Kenji get together a team to steal it back!
4 The Great Float Caper They've got the team assembled, and now it is time to make the biggest float caper of all time!
5 Break A Leg After the lead of the school play 'Spamlet' breaks his leg, Hannah asks Brendan to take the lead role. Can he do it?
6 The Outcast Dinah is a goth girl, and she wants people to see how she feels. And when she sees popular girl Linda having a bad day, they skip school together & gain an unlikely friendship...
7 Surviving Europe Centerscore High's Model UN Team goes on an eventful trip to Europe!
8 From Europe With Love The Model UN Team's visit to Europe continues, and Howard tries his best to avoid the crazy co can you find it? A Norwegian girl Astrid, who is determined to make him fall in love with her!
9 Skate Video Spike wants to land a spot in the Flex Games, and enlists the help of Kim and Mallika- both of which have crushes on him- to make a demo skating video.
10 The Wrong Side Of Town Uh oh! Travis and Ryan have knocked out Brendan and dropped him off on the wrong side of town! How will he get home?!?
11 The Concert Dinah, Linda, and the feuding Kim and Mallika take a road trip to see an Assassins concert.
12 Best Party Ever Howard and Hector throw a killer party, filled with drama!
13 Local Ghosts Dinah and her crush, Brendan investigate local ghost stories for their journalism class.
14 Spud the Stud Local lothario Hector helps the nerdy Spud improve his game so he can win over his ex-girlfriend, Kat- who is now dating Brendan!
15 Lost Recipe Kim takes a trip down memory lane with Ms. Rose as she seeks to uncover the mystery of the lost recipe...
16 Secret Ingredient The story from "Lost Recipe" continues!
17 Halloween Howard just wants to hang out with his girlfriend Linda on Halloween, but has to take care of his mischievous little sisters Kay and Kel instead.
18 Writer's Block Dinah wants to pen a great vampire story for the school newspaper, but is having a little trouble with the details...
19 Flex Games Help Centerscore High's resident skater Spike win the Flex Games!
20 Party Fowl Help Spike and his little brother Chip have a memorable Thanksgiving.

Set 2

# Title Description Date Released
21 Road Rules Help tough girl Megan win the Prince Prix!
22 Winter Queen Popular cheerleader Taylor desperately wants to win the title of Winter Queen, but in order to do so, she needs to win more votes than the self-appointed queen of the school, Paula.
23 Quest Rewards Brendan goes on a daring quest in Warscrewdriver: Online in an attempt to regain his title as Clan Warchief. He gets some unexpected help from an anonymous friend with the username Hanid Smythe...
24 The Holiday Party Help Kim cheer up at Mallika's annual holiday party!
25 Tom Prince's Carol Can you help spoiled rich boy Tom Prince realize what the holidays are really about?
26 New Year's Kiss Hector desperately wants to kiss his crush, Amanda at his Russian New Year's party... but she's dating football player Zach!
27 Prank Wars Uh oh! Centerscore's arch nemesis school Wilson High has initiated a Prank War!
28 Boot Camp Breakout Help Howard, Brendan, and Hector break out of Boot Camp!
29 Guys Versus Wild The guys have successfully escaped Boot Camp... but can they get back home?
30 Proof Linda and Amanda are determined to prove that the guys did not burn down the Wilson High Library in the prank wars! Can they do it?
31 The Crosstown Races, Part 1 Help Centerscore High beat Wilson and Spartan Academy in the annual Crosstown Races!
32 The Crosstown Races, Part 2 The story of the Crosstown Races continues!
33 The Break Up Linda is beginning to doubt her relationship with Howard...
34 Andy Cannelloni, P.I. The prom queen tiara has been stolen! Can Andy crack the case?
35 Fair Catch Help Howard get over Linda!
36 The Cheer-Lationship Hector wants to get closer to his girlfriend, Amanda after upsetting her. He takes a daring move... and joins the cheer team! Help him impress her!
37 The Prince Plot, Part One Find out just how evil Silas Prince really is...
38 The Prince Plot, Part Two Continuing the story from part one, many mysteries are revealed, and an unlikely friendship buds between Kim and Tom Prince.
39 Prom Night Linda doesn't want to go to Prom. Help Dinah convince her that she'll have a great time!
40 The Graduation List Help Dinah complete her bucket list of things to do before she graduates high school.
41 When Howard Met...