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The Football Star series follows a group of football player from Centerscore High, as they journey through high school and college. Main character John Johnson tries to reach success and become a star at football. He also tries to keep up his grades, popularity, strength, and even get a girlfriend! Below is the packs that feature these kids.

Season Episodes Description Date Released





Football Season Can you make the football team? 2009
Football: Big Man On Campus Find out what happens to your character from Football Season Mega Pack after he graduates from high school and moves to Centerscore University with Adam, Raven, Beth, and Bryce! Can you help him make his name as the big man on campus? 2009
Football Holiday Bundle Continue your story from the Football Mega Pack with Raven, Beth, Chuck, Adam, and Lisa with 3 Football stories! Survive a supernatural party in Halloween, rule the beach in King of Spring Break, and romance your girlfriend in Valentine Carnival! 2009
College Stories In order to impress the new freshmen, the M.A.N fraternity must convince them to join them. However what would happen with their rivals, the B.R.B fraternity competing against them? 2013