SHS character
Madeline Warren
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Family Colt Warren (brother)
Friends Friends Kay and Kel DeGeest, Chip Chapman, Elmo Vale
First The Truth about Colt, Part 2
Final A Fallon Family Christmas

Madeline "Maddie" Warren is the younger sister of Colt Warren.


Being a child, Maddie makes very few appearances in the game, primarily accompanying her brother, Colt.



Colt WarrenEdit

Colt is Maddie's older brother. Due to Maddie's innocence, she is very naïve behind the circumstances of her father's, Tobias, extreme negligence. Known to care deeply for Maddie, Colt was willing to risk the purity of his permanent record to return Maddie home safely, after she was abandoned by their father. Colt gave her his phone number so that they could constantly stay in-touch in case another dangerous situation was to repeat.


Madeline is a sweet girl and often brings out Colt's soft side.


In contrast to Colt Warren's appearance, Maddie has blonde hair with strands falling out. She has blue eyes and wears a red shirt.


Maddie's age is unknown, as she has yet to enter high school. She is likely to be in elementary school or middle school.

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