Making Some Dough
Season 1, Episode 1
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A local thug threatens to burn down Ms. Rose's bakery unless he receives $200. Play as Kim and try to earn $200 by working at the bakery, trying at the academic challenge and trying the student help ads. Also when mysterious guy Andy offers some help, should you take it?

The Student Help Want Ads are advertisements that have helped many students in Centerscore High. Students put up a want ad on literally anything, whether it be help tutoring, rides, or dating advice.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Kim - The person you are playing as.
  • Ms. Rose - Owner of the bakery Kim works at and Kim's best friend.
  • Andy - One eyed guy who mysteriously offers Kim some help with her problem


1. Start the academic challenge for the first three days (not in order).

Question Choice
Who was the third President of the United States? Thomas Jefferson

What comes next in this sequence: Kingdom, Phylum, Class...?

Who wrote the Grapes of Wrath? John Steinbeck
Who was known as the Sun King? King Louis XIV
How many known species of insects are there? 1,000,000
Which of these is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? The Great Pyramid of Giza
Which of these is a real type of cloud? Cirrus
Who is the narrator of the Great Gatsby? Nick Carraway

2. After that, do the Help Ads (not in order).

Question Choice
You probably should... Pay more attention to her.
Win the martial arts minigame. Choose options that beat Kenji.
Uh... Mix blue with red.
Now, do you want my help or not?! All right.
I would... Break up with him.
Well... I'll do it. (This is how you get money, but you will feel sorry afterwards. Your choice.)

3. Work at the bakery the last day, which consists of a minigame.

Enjoy your bonus scene/ending!


Classic Set 1 Episode 1 Making Some Dough - Surviving High School Walkthrough

Classic Set 1 Episode 1 Making Some Dough - Surviving High School Walkthrough