SHS character
Mallika Desai
Gender Female
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Grade College Student
Friends Friends Nicole Blackwell, Kim Johnson, Linda Carter, Dinah Nightingale, Hector Alonzo, Phil Ramirez
Boyfriend Heart Spike Chapman
Ex-Relationships Heartbreak Phil Ramirez, Tom Prince
Family Doctor Patel
First A Summer Fling
Final Battle of the Schools: Guy
We can't stop the future from happening. We can only move on with our lives.

–Mallika Desai, Spike Must Graduate

Mallika Desai was one of the richer students at Centerscore, thanks to her mother's business as a doctor. She is into films and art, and could be classified as a "hipster." She is currently studying at Oxfjord University (a pun on Oxford University).

Duration: The Classics: Season 1 - The New Girl: Season 5


Romantic InterestsEdit

Spike ChapmanEdit

After being dumped by Phil in Summer Fling, Mallika's best friend Nicole set her up on two different dates. Both were disastrous - the first was with accident-prone Skazz, and the second with arrogant Tom Prince. Throughout the dates, she kept running into Spike, and ended up having a fling with him. When they got back to school, Spike and Mallika drifted apart, but when he needed help with his skate video for the FLEX Games, he and Mallika reconnected. Unfortunately, just as she realized she still had feelings for Spike, so did her friend Kim. The two girls began to turn against each other, but Spike convinced them they shouldn't fight over him because he did not have time for a relationship anyway. Although they continued to struggle with their mutual attraction to Spike, Mallika and Kim became closer when they attended the Assassins concert together, and when Kim's best friend Ms. Rose was dying.

After Mallika helped Spike win the FLEX-games, the two began dating. Since The New Girl era, Mallika has been demoted to a recurring character. She has not appeared has not appeared since her graduation, but it is presumed she is still together with Spike.


  • Mallika's appearance and family surname suggests that she is of Indian descent.
  • She is a vegetarian.
  • Tom Prince had an enormous crush on her.