SHS character
Margot Lenx
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Exes Heartbreak Tad [Ex-Fiance]
Family Members Paige Lenx
Enemies Enemies Tad
First Paige's Thanksgiving Party
Latest The Winter Dance

Margot Lenx is a single mother to Twin Branches student, Paige Lenx.  Her most notable storyline has been her engagement to Tad.


Obsessed with social status and living in luxury, the attitude of disdain towards the poor created a rift in the relationship with her daughter when she disapproved of her having feelings towards Owen Harris. In Season 4, Margot sends Paige away to Monarch Prep when she comes home to a party so that she can get her away from Owen and her other friends.

In season 7, Margot is proposed to by Tad, a wealthy but cruel man who disapproved of everything Paige did. Margot often turned a blind eye to whatever Tad did and went along with everything he said. Margot intended to go through with the engagement and marriage so that she could continue living a luxurious lifestyle with his wealth until he indirectly knocked Paige down during an argument. Margot called off the wedding in Wedding Smashers when she realizes the mistake she's about to make.

Since breaking up with Tad and losing most of her financial security, Margot moved into a new and smaller apartment with Paige. She is shown to approve more of Owen's relationship with her daughter when she greets him warmly in The Winter Dance and convinces her daughter to talk out their issues outside.


A social snob, Margot is protective over her social and income standings. She believes that the rich are above the rest and because of that belief she disapproved of Paige's relationship with Owen Harris. Often acting cold and distant from her daughter, she sent her away to Monarch Prep after she disobeyed them and refused to breakup with Owen. While she and her daughter aren't close, Margot still has moments of softness towards Paige and broke off the engagement to Tad when he hurt her, risking their life of luxury in the process.



Margot decides to marry Tad, due to being struck by poverty. Many of her choices upon their engagement leave Paige very angry. Margot then decides to break up with Tad after he hurts Paige.

Paige LenxEdit

Throughout A New Start, Margot and Paige do not have a stable relationship. The two get in several mother-daughter arguments; one which resulted in deporting Paige to Monarch Prep Butterfly Detention Center. However, when Margot reveals she is only marrying Tad, due to their financial strains, Paige starts to get a better insight on their relationship. They eventually reconcile, when Margot calls off the wedding, after Tad hurts Paige.

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