SHS character
Megan Hopkins
Gender Female
Hair Purple
Eyes Blue
Age 18-19
Grade Senior
Cousin Kenji Black
Friends Kenji Black, Ryan Powell, Spike Chapman, Travis
First A Float is Born
Final Series Finale
If you've got engine trouble, Megan is the girl to go to. Growing up, Megan and her cousin, Kenji, would spend hours each day working on cars together. Tough and capable, Megan can take care of herself, and if you manage to get on her good side, she'll be a trustworthy and loyal friend you can always count on.
Megan Hopkins is the rough and tough cousin of auto shop member Kenji. Megan was known for constantly beating up nerds and bothering people or causing trouble. She was titled as a bad chick who should not be messed with.

She seemed to be partial towards her '68 Anaconda, frequently upgrading it, and bothering and beating up who says that it's slow.