SHS character
Melissa Tancredo
Gender Female
Age 16-18
Occupation Former Social Chair
Grade Unknown

Melissa Tancredo was once the social chair of Twin Branches. She has never appeared in an episode or novel but was mentioned several times. Her position got replaced since she blew all the budget's money.



Howard DeGeest, who was one of the numerous characters who mentioned her.

In Year 5, there was an emergency reelection happening for Social Chair since Melissa Tancredo had spent all of the raised money on buying a new dress and was removed from her position as a consequence. Emily suggested that Zoe should try out for the position since it would distract her from thinking about her breakup with Howard DeGeest and because she already loves helping people and decorating. She eventually did while competition against tough competitor Paige. Zoe ended up replacing Melissa as the new social chair.


Melissa's official age is unknown but she is most likely 16-18 years old. She was mentioned last year in Year 5 as the former social chair which would make her at least a sophomore that year. However since Howard who graduated in Year 4 knows her she most have at least been in high school for 2 years prior to this year so that makes her at least a junior or senior.

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