SHS character
Aliases Given name by player
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Age 14-15
Grade Freshmen
Romantic Interests Heart Sierra Seiler, Lauren (selective love interests)
Family Kelly (cousin), Gayle (sister), Parents (divorced, he just has his father, but his mother is mentioned),Aunt Martha
Friends Friends Scott Delveccio, Jacob Williams, Keith Sanders, Kimi Chen, Howard DeGeest, Hector Alonzo, Peter, Zoe Davis, Dexter Albright
Enemies Enemies Wilson High
First Battle of the Schools: Guy
Final Battle of the Schools: Girl

Michael is the main character in the Battle of the Schools: Guy mega-pack. Similar to John Johnson, Michael enters Centerscore High and is faced with the many decisions involving popularity, friends, grades, activities, and relationships. Unlike John however, he does not appear again and is involved with track rather than football.


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Michael's personality is what ever way you choose it to be nice, mean, or selfish.


The player can select Michael's appearance between the appearances of Cameron Clark, Nick Brown, Lee Chen, Logan and Mark Backbutter. Mark is his default look.


Michael was a freshmen so he must have been age 14-15.


He is shown to be similar to Flash/John Johnson as the players chooses his fate.