SHS character
Mona Stansfield
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Age 19-20
Occupation College Student
Friend Hannah Holmes
Sister Jenna Stansfield
Boyfriend Andrew Grant
Ex-Boyfriend Heartbreak Hector Alonzo
First Football Season

Mona Stansfield is one of the original characters created and she had appeared as a recurring character throughout all of the seasons as part of the drama club.


Depending on how John plays the game, if John chooses not to date Beth, Raven or Lisa then John will take Mona to Homecoming. Mona will be at the mall with Howard and Elliana and Elliana will beg John to take Mona to Homecoming. As the rest of this year is not shown, it is unknown what happened although it is known that Mona and Hector dated and later broke up. When Wilson High steals the Centerscore High float, Linda, Kenji and Sarah ask Mona to be their decoy. Mona plans to distract Alexei in order to get the float back although she then sees Hector with another girl, Porscha, at Alexei's house party which makes her furious and she is then kicked out of the party because she makes a scene. Mona has appeared as a recurring character since this.

Since the update in September 2012, a girl named Jenna has appeared and looks exactly the same as Mona and is also on the drama club it later reveals that Jenna is Mona's sister. Mona later graduates from Twin Branches to go Oxford University with some other kids. She also helped Kimi with his pants when the Oxford students help the Twin Branches Students for money for the school.


For Centerscore High's resident drama queen, acting is everything. Though Mona spends most of her time rehearsing for the school play and immersing herself in whatever role or character she's currently playing, a little flattery will always convince her to take some time off to help out with a caper.

Mona is obsessed with drama and is very crazy. She particularly loves Shakespeare and can get angry very easily. Mona speaks eloquently, possibly due to her love for the theater.


Mona has brown hair in a high ponytail and has a pinkish complexion. Mona had brown eyes and wears a reddish-brown lipstick. Mona is identical to her younger sister Jenna Stansfield.


Mona is in her second year in college, indicating she is 19-20 years old.


  • When speaking Mona often uses the word "Darling"
  • Following the 2012 update, Mona's sister Jenna was shown as a background character who looks identical to Mona and is also in the drama club.