SHS character
Mrs. Chen
Mrs. Chen
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Occupation District Attorney
Family Kimi Chen, Lily Chen, Daniel Chen (children)
First How To Be A Star
Latest The Fashionista

Mrs. Chen is the mother of Lily Chen, Kimi Chen and Daniel Chen. Her first appearance is in the sequel to Surviving High School: The Novel, How To Be A Star. She works as a district attorney.


Mrs. Chen is a contract lawyer and therefore figures out that Kimi's contract with Kevin's uncle Alan is invalid.

Mrs. Chen is also seen in The Fashionista, where she supports Kimi at the fashion show.



Kimi ChenEdit

Kimi is the daughter of Mrs. Chen. Their relationship is strained, as Kimi believes her mother cares more about Lily than she does about Kimi because of Lily's talents. However, Mrs. Chen is also supportive of Kimi, coming to see her outfits at the fashion show.


Mrs. Chen has black, chin-length hair and brown eyes. She wears a brown v-neck with a necklace.


Not much is known about Mrs. Chen's personality, except that she is very nice and supporting of her family. Also, Mrs. Chen is known for being strict and valuing the importance of her daughters studies and futures.

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