SHS episode
Paige's Thanksgiving Party
Season 3: The Dance Dilemma, Episode 4
Air date November 23, 2012
Season 3: The Dance Dilemma guide [v]
November 2, 2012 - December 30, 2012

1. Basketball Tryouts
2. The Dance Dilemma, Part 1
3. The Dance Dilemma, Part 2
4. Paige's Thanksgiving Party
5. The Snow Ball, Part 1
6. The Snow Ball, Part 2
7. A Fallon Family Christmas
8. Howard's Holidays

Season 2: Howard's Return
Season 4: Love and Basketball

Paige's Thanksgiving Party is the fourth episode of Season 3. It was released on November 23, 2012.


Can Owen survive Paige's 'party'?


During basketball practice, Owen, Ben, and Spencer discuss their plans for Thanksgiving. Ben will be having with the Kessler family, Spencer will just be watching wrestling, and Owen will have dinner with his Grandma. When Owen leaves practice, Paige is outside, near his locker. Paige offers Owen to go to his house for a Thanksgiving party, which he agrees to, wondering why she intensively asked. The scene switches to Ben at the Kessler home. Coach Kessler now is much more respectful towards Ben, ever since he joined the basketball team. He treats him as if he can do no wrong and it annoys Emily.

Back at Lenx Household, Owen he arrives late and he notices that it's quiet. He calls Spencer to ask if he knew about the party, which he does not know of. He suggests that he call Zoe since she would know of any social events. Zoe does not know of the party either; however, while Owen is still on the phone, Paige yells at Owen for being late and underdressed. Paige's mother hears and asks if Paige was talking to her boyfriend, which Zoe as well hears. Paige pulls Owen inside and he tells Zoe that he'll explain later. Paige introduces Owen to her mother Margot and her boyfriend Tad. Owen is not aware of what is happening, but he plays along. Margot and Tad are very rude and critical of Paige. Once Margot and Tad leave the dinner table, Owen insists Paige to tell him what's going on. Paige does so...

At the Kessler residents, Emily tells Ben that he doesn't have to constantly kiss up to her father. As long as Emily is Ben's girlfriend, he does not need to impress anyone. But he says she doesn't understand.

At Paige's house, Paige finally clarifies for Owen that Tad might propose to Margot tonight. Paige does not want this to happen, because she wants her to be with her father. When Tad and Margot return Tad proposes. From sadness and pain, Paige cries. Paige's mother thinks that she is crying tears of joy. Owen reassures Paige that will everything will be alright and they hold hands under the table.

Bonus sceneEdit

Once Margot accepts Tad's proposal, they decide to leave Owen and Paige to celebrate. Feeling upset about the whole situation, Owen invites Paige over his house to have dinner with his grandmother. Paige becomes very thankful about the offer and the three of them have a lovely meal.


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