SHS character
Penelope Bostine
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Age 17-18
Occupation Monarch Prep Student
Friends Friends Sam Hill

Penelope Bostine is a student at Monarch Prep. Her most notable storyline is as Sam's roommate during Sam's Formation, Part 1 and 2.


Penelope is first seen in Sam's Formation, Part 1, where she immediately establishes a connection with a companionless Sam Hill. The two stay friends, up until Sam's expulsion, which occurs a few months later in Sam's Formation, Part 2.

Penelope's final appearance is in A Spartan Love Story, Part 2, where the player can optionally (but incorrectly) choose to ask out Penelope to the Cotillion.



Sam HillEdit

Aside from Paige, Penelope was Sam's only friend and roommate. From when Sam first entered Monarch Prep, Penelope and her started a connection. Sam was already being picked on by the popular students, Paige and Prissy, and it was Penelope who defended her. Penelope shows Sam around Monarch Prep and helps her climb the social ladder to intimidate Paige. Furthermore, Penelope, like the stereotypical best friend, disapproves of Sam's romantic involvement with the notorious teenage criminal, Colt Warren.

Since Sam's transfer to Twin Branches High, the two have speculatively not talked.


Unlike the typical rich girl stereotype, Penelope is sweet and kind, especially to Sam, who she defended, when Sam already being picked on on her first day at Monarch Prep.


Penelope has shoulder-length blonde hair that is parted to the side and wears purple glasses over her brown eyes. She wears a navy blue tank top.

Penelope's appearance is identical to the Twin Branches High student, Rachel.

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