SHS character
Phil Ramirez
Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Brown
Age 19-20
Friends Friends Hector Alonzo, Howard DeGeest, Kim, Dinah, Jacob, Hannah, Spencer, Maria
Ex-girlfriends/crushes Heartbreak Mallika, Kim Johnson, Kimi Chen
First Football Season
Final Battle of the Schools: Girl

Phillip "Phil" Ramirez was a student at Twin Branches High. He was known for being one of the most attractive students, and for being on the football team.

Duration: Football Star- Battle of The Schools


Phil is seen in The New Girl, where Taylor and him go on a rather successful date. Other than this, Phil is essentially a background character.


Mallika DesaiEdit

Phil was romantically involved with Mallika.

Kim JohnsonEdit

Phil was also romantically involved with Kim.

Kimi ChenEdit

Phil and Kimi like each other in Surviving High School: The Novel, however do not start a relationship.


Phil has brown hair pushed back, like Hector Alonzo's hair, brown skin and brown eyes. He wears a plain white t-shirt.


Phil is depicted as a sporty, athlete-type guy. However, in Cheer Revolution, Part 2, he admits to Jessica that while he was unable to play football, he turned to books and found refuge in them. He has since been a bookworm.

Age MistakesEdit

In Surviving High School: The Novel, which takes place in year 5, Kimi states that Phil is a senior. As of year 6, Phil is supposed to be a graduate. Phil is then seen at Kingston University, where he is the co-leader of Kingston's M.A.B. fraternity. However, Phil is seen in later episodes of the Troublemakers reboot, as a player on the football team.

Pros & Cons SheetEdit

In Surviving High School: The Novel, Kimi creates a Pros-And-Cons sheet for Phil:

Pros Cons
HOT (10/10!). Possible Axe Bodyspray user.
Plays guitar (electric!). 2.32 GPA (might lower future $ potential).
Owns/drives Mustang convertible. Crazy exes (at least three!).
DJ skills. Plays at lots of parties. Soul patch (could be shaved).
Six-pack abs. Sexy. Uses the term “bro.”
Senior = prom potential. Senior = gone next year.
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