SHS character
Porscha Collins
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Age 19-20
Occupation College Student
Heartbreak Hector Alonzo, Alexei Harp, Spencer Cooper Chuck, Brendan Berg (Ex-crush)
Enemies Elliana Concertina, Taylor Vale
First The Wrong Side of Town
Latest Wilson High's Demise

Porscha Collins is Wilson High's former head cheerleader and is known for being an active member of Wilson's high rivalry with Twin Branches/Centerscore. Porscha is known for the many relationships she's been in.


Porscha first appeared in The Wrong Side of Town, when Brendan was dropped off in the Wilson area and journeyed to get out. She appeared when Brendan passed by where she was and she asked if he thought she was cute which he said no to.


Romantic InterestsEdit

Alexei HarpEdit

Alexei and Porscha briefly dated. They broke up, when Porscha set her eyes on Spencer Cooper

Spencer CooperEdit

She broke up with Alexei to date one of Centerscore's student, Spencer Cooper over the summer in between year 4-5 who she had a crush on. Spencer met her at an ice cream shop along with Brendan and Andy. He hooked up with her, and they began dating but later broke up.


Taylor ValeEdit

Taylor holds a grudge against Paula because Paula is selfish and uses other students and friends. Like many of Centerscore High's students, Taylor would love to replace Paula when it comes to being the most popular girl. She also would love to beat Paula at events like Homecoming, Prom, and other dances. Occasionally Taylor attempts to tell Amanda, her other friend and popular girl #3, about how bad Paula is, but because of Amanda's innocence and naivety, Amanda doesn't understand and gets confused. (Amanda often gets confused easily.) Eventually Taylor takes out Paula by in a tiebreaker for the Winter Prom queen. In Andy P.I., Paula decided to setup Taylor by stealing the crown so she would get framed. However, Andy figured out that Paula was the one who stole it.


Porscha has blonde, chin-length hair. She has blue eyes and wears a violet-colored tank top. Porscha's appearance is identical to O.M.G sorority leader, Hayley.


  • It is possible that she can be related to Genevieve Collins from Cause of Death