In Surviving High School, several fictional schools have been mentioned.

Known SchoolsEdit

High SchoolsEdit

  • Twin Branches High - a public high school in Centerscore, California. It is the primary setting of Surviving High School. It is rivals with Wilson High.
  • Wilson High - a public high school in California. It is rivals with Twin Branches High.
  • Spartan Academy - a private, all-boys, boarding school in California, before it was demolished. Its sister school is Monarch Prep.
  • Monarch Prep - a private, all-girls, boarding school in California. Its brother school was Spartan Academy.
  • Le Academie du Renard - a private, boarding school in Paris, France.
  • Madame Chateau's School for Bourgeoise Mademoiselles - a private, all-girls, boarding school in Paris, France.
  • Pinecrest High - a public high school in California, that is most known for being Owen Harris' former school before transferring to Twin Branches.
  • Ogden High - a high school in California. Not much is known, regarding the school, but that Owen Harris falsely claimed he was from this school, prior to transferring to Twin Branches High.
  • Hearst High - a high school in which Autumn Brooks transferred to as well as Wes and several others from High School Story.
  • Unidentified school - Jessica Blaire is transferred here, after her recent expulsion at Twin Branches. Activities at the school include ice fishing and walrus riding. The only other known student is Astrid Ericson.


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