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The Spartan Games is the tenth season of The New Girl. The season is takes place between after Valentine's Day to the start of April. As suggested by the title, the season focuses on the events before, during and after the Spartan Games. The final two episodes, Faceplace Zero and Real Life Hero concentrate on Ben Kale's quest to gain more Faceplace friends in the pursuit of popularity and to rescue the victims of the earthquake.


# Image Title Description Date
1 300sACrowd 300's A Crowd Centerscore High is flooded with hundreds of new transfers from Spartan Academy! Will Justin be able to keep the peace? February 16, 2012
2 TheContestants The Contestants Who will be the front runners in the Spartan Games? Find out now! February 23, 2012
3 TheSpartanGamesPart1 The Spartan Games, Part 1 Will Ben be able to evade the Spartans? Can Zoe escape their wrath? March 1, 2012
4 TheSpartanGamesPart2 The Spartan Games, Part 2 Will Sam be able to win the Games when she hurts her arm? And just how are Colt and Denni faring? March 8, 2012
5 TheSpartanGamesPart3 The Spartan Games, Part 3 In this epic showdown, who will win the Spartan Games? March 15, 2012
6 EyesOnThePrize Eyes on the Prize $100,000... And everyone wants a piece. March 22, 2012
7 FaceplaceZero Faceplace Zero Can Ben get Faceplace friends? March 29, 2012
8 RealLifeHero Real Life Hero When disaster strikes Twin Branches High, it's up to Ben to step up! Can he prove himself? April 5, 2012

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