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Howard's Return is the second season of A New Start. The season reels in from the events of the bonus scene of the season one finale and end on Halloween. The title, Howard's Return, refers to Howard DeGeest's return from college to revisit his ex-girlfriend, Zoe. The season also deals with conflicts such as the events of the swim retreat, Paige and Owen's partnership for a project and soon-romance, and the fight for social chair.


# Image Title Description Release Date
1 S1E1 Howard's Return What will Zoe do now that Howard's back? September 7, 2012
2 S1E2 Swim Retreat, Part 1 Can Emily handle drama with the girls? September 14, 2012
3 S1E3 Swim Retreat, Part 2 Will Emily and Cameron survive in the wild? September 21, 2012
4 S1E4 Howard's Secret Will Zoe learn the truth? September 28, 2012
5 S2E5 Psych Project, Subject: Owen Can Owen handle Paige observing his personal life? October 5, 2012
6 S2E6 Psych Project, Subject: Paige The tables are turned as Owen witnesses Paige's life up close and personal! October 12, 2012
7 S2E7 The Halloween Dance, Part 1 Can Zoe beat Paige in the Social Chair showdown? October 19, 2012
8 S2E8 The Halloween Dance, Part 2 Who will win Social Chair? October 26, 2012

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