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The Talent Show is the sixth season of A New Start. The season is set in between April to the end of the school year in June. The title, The Talent Show, refers to Zoe Davis' talent show to get into Kingston University. The mid-season events reel in from those that occurred in How To Be A Star.


# Image Title Description Date
1 554647 10151587778688407 1864426964 n Ready, S.E.T., Go Can Zoe and Sam survive the most disastrous study session ever? April 25, 2013
2 270831 10151599936273407 1982310102 n Cheer Off Who will be the next Head Cheerleader? May 2, 2013
3 601856 10151611724043407 784509451 n How to Date a Nerd Can Kimi gain any ground with Kevin? May 9, 2013
4 168256 10151623155643407 1501771220 n This Friday Night Can Owen, Sam and Zoe survive their Friday night? May 16, 2013
5 253251 10151635086518407 1081567644 n The Newest Cheerleader Can Maria find a replacement for Zoe? May 23, 2013
6 941559 10151647948993407 1542159330 n Talent Search Twin Branches' got talent! May 30, 2013
7 936147 10151661463898407 879788792 n Talent Show It's Showtime! June 6, 2013
8 1016046 10151674810933407 1117553858 n Graduation Stories Play as EVERYONE in this epic season finale! June 13, 2013

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