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Zoe's Departure is the sixth season of The New Girl. The season takes place in the summer. The title, Zoe's Departure, refers to Zoe Davis' relocation to France from Centerscore, which is what the season centers around. Additionally, episodes such as Camping Trip Visions, A College Date and Hector vs. Hector regard the romantic dilemmas Brendan and Hector face, as well as Colt.


# Image Title Description Date
1 Freedomfestival Freedom Festival With Zoe leaving soon for France, she and Howard must try to make the most of the little time they have left together. Can they have a memorable Fourth of July together? June 30, 2011
2 Girlsnightin Girls Night In It's just not the same with Zoe gone, and Sam is looking for a new best friend. Can you help Sam cope with losing Zoe? July 7, 2011
3 Campingtripvisions Camping Trip Visions With Howard, Brendan, and Colt all suffering from different romantic traumas, Hector decides it’s time for a guys-only camping trip for some much-needed male bonding! July 14, 2011
4 Frenchconnection French Connection Paris, Part 1 Determined to bring Zoe back from Paris, Howard, Sam, Hector, and a surprise companion venture together across the Atlantic Ocean to find her! July 21, 2011
5 Frenchkiss French Kiss Paris, Part 2 When Zoe first arrives in France, she's heartbroken over leaving Howard...But, will a new guy help her forget about him? July 28, 2011
6 Frenchfinale French Finale Paris, Part 3 Can you help Howard get Zoe back? August 4, 2011
7 Acollegedate A College Date With Dinah becoming more involved in college, Brendan has to try harder than ever to prove he's more than just an immature high school guy! August 11, 2011
8 Hectorversushector Hector vs. Hector It's the last day of summer, and Hector promised his spirit animal he'd break up with Amanda. Will Hector choose to be in a relationship or fly solo? August 18, 2011

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