Secret Ingredient
Season 1, Episode 16
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Lost Recipe
The story from "Lost Recipe" continues!


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This simple walkthrough will tell you how to get a perfect score in Secret Ingredient.

1. Ms. Rose... ----> You've still got a few good years left!
2. What were the names of Ms. Rose's old boyfriend and best friend?
----> Walter and Mary.
3. What is it, dearie? ---> This sounds just like me, Mallika, and Spike!
4. Win solution minigame.
5. Here's a... ---> Bran muffin!
6. Put on one dab of that stuff, and Spike is going to be powerless
against you. ---> No way.
7. What do I say? ---> I'm sorry.
8. Maybe we could try looking at... ---> Microfilm.
9. What's the first number? ---> 3.
10. And the second number is... ---> 4.
11. And the last number is... ---> 1.
12. And why should I make peace with that two-timing hussy?! --->
Because she wants to apologize!

(Walkthrough written by: lavaster (On new account, Lavaster2)

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