SHS character
Spike Chapman
Gender Male
Hair Black/Green
Eyes Green
Age 21-22
Occupation Waiter
GirlfriendsHeart Mallika Desai, Taylor Vale, Kim Johnson
FriendsFriends Howard DeGeest, Hector Alonzo, Skazz van Tooten, Kim Johnson, Brendan Berg, Mallika Desai, Kenji Black, Dinah, Linda Carter, Raven Fallon, Denni Fallon
First Football Season
Final Series Finale
That's right, baby! You just got Spiked!

–Spike Chapman

Spike Chapman is a Centerscore High graduate and current Centerscore U student. During his time in SHS he was one of the main protagonists, and was known for being rebellious yet nice. His most notable storylines were his relationship with Mallika, and his love for skating.

Duration: Football Star - The New Girl: Season 5


Love InterestsEdit

Mallika DesaiEdit

He dated Mallika briefly over the summer, but the pair ended up being just friends.

Spike a fling with Mallika over the summer, but he isn't ready for a relationship at the moment. As of Episode 22, Flex-Games, Mallika starts dating Spike. During The Prince Plot, Part 1. Silas Prince locks Mallika and Spike in an abandoned diamond mine.

Kim JohnsonEdit

Spike also dated Kim briefly, his fellow dis-battler.

Taylor ValeEdit

Taylor and Spike dated for a short time, as well.


Bryce HartmanEdit

Bryce and Spike used to be rivals, but later their rivalry evolved into a friendship of sorts. The two are now best friends and are both on the Centerscore U wrestling team.

Raven FallonEdit

In Football Season, Spike is seen hanging out with Raven. Also, when Raven's little sister Denni came into the school, he is seen hanging out her and helping her get comfortable. 

Dinah NightingaleEdit

In Football Season, Spike is seen hanging out with Dinah.

Skazz van TootenEdit

Despite the tension between their schools, Spike is friends with Wilson High bully, Skazz.


In Spirit Week, Spike is said to be a freshman. Yet that same year, Spike graduates. Furthermore, Spike is seen in Football Season and the Classics Set.


Spike's most notable characteristic is his green hair. He has matching green eyes and wears a black sweater.

Financial DifficultiesEdit

Spike's mother lost her job, and money is tight in his house. Spike used to work at a fancy oceanside restaurant, then at a skate shop, but he is currently unemployed, although he's picked up a couple of shifts in Ms Rose's bakery. His current best hope to make some money and help his mother and little brother, Chip, is to win the FLEX Games, a skateboarding competition. Kim and Mallika helped him make a Skate Video for the games, which he was an entrant for, along with his friend and rival, Skazz and went on to win.